Interior Design


Interior Design Certificate Courses:

  • 6 Months Certificate Course in Interior Design

Interior Design Diploma Courses:

  • I Year Diploma in Interior Design
  • 2 Year Advance Diploma in Interior Design
  • 3 Months Certificate Course in AUTO CAD


Interior design is an art as well as a science of enhancing the interiors and exteriors of a space or building in order to achieve a healthier space aesthetically more pleasing environment. Interior design is a multifaceted profession including conceptual space development planning, site inspections for implementation, research, construction management and execution by selecting colours, lighting & materials etc. The profession of interior design is distinct from the role of interior decorators. Interior design is the art & science of understanding people’s behaviour to concrete functional space within a building. The decoration is the furnishing of a space with beautiful & trendsetting things interior designers may decorate but decorators don’t design.

Interior designers emphasis on planning, functional designing & proper & effective use of a given space, as compared to interior decorators designers read blueprints are aware of building codes & inspection regulations, interior designers work closely with architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers & builders many interior designers specialize in a particular type of buildings like residences, hospitals, hotels commercial, a specific room such as kitchen or bathroom or a specific style. Interior designers work full time as they may have to adjust to suit their client schedules & deadlines, meetings with a client during evening weekend when necessary.

The need for interior designers is growing with the change in the lifestyles trends one can become an interior designer by opting a bachelor’s degree or advanced diploma with a focus on interior design.